About Us

The PJL Group of Companies is a consolidation of the Lopingco Group of Companies. With a main goal to provide a better tomorrow for everyone, we strive our best to answer the needs of the market by delivering a variety of quality products and services.

From your cars need, personal and home care needs to your other necessities, we've got you covered.

We offer products like tires, fuels, batteries and services ranging from a simple oil change to a major overhaul.

Aside from that, PJL also produces rice, fruits, sugarcanes and other agricultural crops which can be found in markets and stores around the region.

As time passes by, PJL Group of Companies does what it can to improve itself and discover more of what it could offer that would contribute to our one significant purpose that is - to build a better tomorrow for the Negrosanons.


We, the empowered men and women of PJL Group of Companies, commit to continuously improve our abilities, to anticipate, delight and satisfy our customer needs.

In order to establish a company name we all can be proud of, a place we can all benefit to prosper, and to give unlimited opportunity to satisfy and serve the community, we strive to be dedicated to a policy of continuous improvement on creativity, initiative, hard work, quality of service anchored on the grounds of honesty and integrity.


  • To establish a commanding presence in the market leadership in Negros Occidental.
  • To generate sufficient profit in order to provide opportunities for stockholders and employees to prosper.
  • To empower all to do their share in the continuous improvement on creativity, initiative, hard work through opportunity based on merit.
  • To establish a company that you can be proud of.
  • To give unlimited opportunities and quality services to satisfy the community.ยท

Our Values and Principles

The values and principles that influence the PJL Group of Companies are the following:


Outstanding quality assured in all our products and services.

and Integrity

Truthfulness and moral uprightness are observed in everything that we do.

and Hardwork

Encouraging individual initiatives, creativity and hard work thru opportunity based on merit.


People empowerment by uplifting the dignity of working people.

To Serve God

Not only to the people, but most especially to the Almighty Father.